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NFL Draft 2011: A.J. Green Is A Man Of Few Words

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While reading through transcripts last night, provided by Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the realization quickly hits you that the team's first round pick, A.J. Green, is a man of few words.

When asked about the uncertainty at quarterback, he says that it's "something I can't control. All I can do is come here and do my best, and we'll see what happens." When asked about Carson Palmer's situation, Green said, "I heard he wants out, but I'm just going by what I hear." When asked about the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the labor unrest in the league, Green just says, "it's out of my control."

For the love of god, after ten years with Chad Ochocinco, there has to be something wrong with this kid. Is he disappointed that he's with the Cincinnati Bengals? By most reports, Green is simply a quiet person, well reserved. When asked if he was on Twitter, his one word answer was, "yes." How much does he tweet? "I only tweet about once per week."

No television shows, no obsessions with Twitter? (make sure you follow us @cincyjungle). A majority of his answers were professional of the utmost, saying things are behind of his control when they really were. And when he's asked about anything related to his feelings about being here, he just says, "All I can do is come there and do my best, and we’ll see what happens."

It will take an adjustment from Bengals fans to go from the vocal Chad Ochocinco to the reserved A.J. Green. And most of you, I'm sure, are plenty happy to make that adjustment now.