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NFL Draft 2011: Bengals Could Look At Iowa Quarterback Ricky Stanzi In The Third Round If No QB In The Second

During an update on ESPN's SportsCenter Friday Morning, Cincinnati's own Bob Holtzman reported that if the Bengals don't draft a quarterback in the second round -- either because a better player is available at another position or because the quarterback that they targeted isn't available anymore -- then one quarterback that the Bengals could look at is Iowa's Ricky Stanzi (this is more conjecture than fact).

According to ESPN's DraftTracker, Stanzi ranks as the eighth-best quarterback prospect with a Scout Inc. score of 75 -- comparatively speaking, TCU's Andy Dalton's score is an 86 and Arkansas' Ryan Mallett's score is an 82. Stanzi's grades rated above average in production, durability, toughness, leadership, accuracy and pocket mobility. His intelligence and decision making were rated as average with his lowest score being his release and arm strength.

Gets set quickly and has adequate quickness to his delivery. Arm strength is only adequate. Has enough arm strength to make all the throws when timing is perfect but lacks zip to drive the deep-out into the wind and the ball sails on some of his vertical throws.