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2011 NFL Draft: Bengals Had Von Miller High On Their Board

During an update on ESPN's SportsCenter Friday Morning, while reporting that the Bengals still have an option at quarterback if they select another position in the second round, Cincinnati's Bob Holtzman reported that outside linebacker Von Miller was also high on the Bengals draft board, somewhat implying that if Miller were available at the team's fourth overall pick, then the Bengals could have selected the linebacker over the wide receiver (again, implying doesn't replace fact).

Of course this is all for naught, with the Denver Broncos using their second overall pick on Miller and the Bengals drafting A.J. Green. But it is also somewhat surprising that the Bengals ranked Miller so high, considering there were few reports that the Bengals were interested.

It is worth noting that the Bengals viewed outside pass rusher with enough cause -- beyond Miller being a freak of a prospect -- to draft him.

We've largely felt that this team could select a pass rusher at some point this weekend because there's a general feeling that the team could release defensive end Antwan Odom this year. Along with a base salary that will pay him nearly $10 million over the next two seasons, Odom was suspended for four games after violating the league's illegal substances policy in 2011. Drafting a defensive end is likely on tap this weekend. And we'll explain why that pass rusher might not be Clemson's Da'Quan Bowers.