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Evan Mathis: It's Not Been Fun In Cincinnati

After the New Orleans Saints traded up into Thursday night's first round to acquire running back Mark Ingram, current running back Reggie Bush tweeted "It's been fun in New Orleans", declaring his feeling that Ingram was drafted to replace him.

Bengals guard Evan Mathis decided to get into the act, tweeting afterward:

It hasn't been fun Cincinnati. Deuces. "@reggie_bush: It's been fun New Orleans. "less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

@BradKellerDA Free agent = choices. 2 winning seasons since 1990 = next.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

After likely getting pelted by Bengals fans, Mathis clarified slightly, pointing his meaning at the man in charge:

@KKinnett I've never met a Bengal fan I didn't like. I respect you defending your team. I'm not attacking fans. Mike Brown? Might as well.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

In a time when comments by players and coaches are so automatic that you're rarely given their actual feelings, we respect Evan Mathis for his honesty. Based on the lack of wins, we actually agree. It's not be fun.

Along with the fact that this team simply has no history of winning dating back to the start of Mike Brown's reign, Mathis' frustration could also come from the lack of playing time. In three seasons with the Bengals, Mathis has played 26 games and only started seven.

@Natifan80 6-1 as a starter. Maybe you thought it was a dream when you saw wins. I understand you being bitter. I have respect for the fans.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

Yet, he's routinely supplanted by Nate Livings at left guard and like Mathis, we simply don't know why. According to Pro Football Focus, Livings is graded as the team's second-worst pass blocker behind tackle Dennis Roland. He also recorded a negative grade on run blocks. Mathis scored a positive grade in both areas.

When Mathis started seven games in 2009, he posted the third best pass and rush blocking score among offensive linemen. He was graded as the team's second-best offensive linemen last season, scoring a better grade than Andrew Whitworth (Bobbie Williams was graded as the best) who won the fan vote in the Pro Bowl vote as the best AFC Tackle. Yet, Livings replaced Mathis, starting most of the second half of the season, scoring the worst grade amongst all offensive linemen last year.

It's very rare that we jump behind a player who speaks out against the organization. Fans feel so connected to that team that a quote or an act against the team is an attack against the fans.

Yet, we're behind Mathis on this one. He's been the best option at left guard for the past two seasons and the Bengals keep finding excusing to replace him with one of the poorly graded players.