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Kiper and McShay Agree: Andy Dalton is Mocked to Bengals in Round Two

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It's always cute when ESPN's Mel Kiper's mock and Todd McShay's mock actually agree on something. It's sort of like watching two puppies wrestling with each other, and when there's a break in the action they both just lie there on the ground looking exhausted. But it's never too long before one of them bites the other one's tail and their back at it again.

Consider this one of the down times.

The latest 2nd round mock drafts from the pair, both have have teams taking Andy Datlon, the quarterback out of TCU with the 35th pick in the NFL draft (although McShay has Dalton listed as a CB, instead of a QB -- we'll see how long it takes them to fix that typo). And frankly, at this point in the draft it's hard to disagree with either of them. The Bengals are reportedly very interested Dalton and although they have also shown interest in QB Ryan Mallett, Dalton just makes the most sense. He's considered to be one of the more prototypical West Coast QB prospects in the draft this year, and with Jay Gruden implementing his own version of the WCO he seems like a better fit than Mallet.

Dalton has also been given high marks for his leadership skills, character and intelligence by draftnicks and talent evaluators - something that the team is in dire need of now that their supposed leader in Carson Palmer is on his way out the door. By contrast, Ryan Mallett has fallen in the draft largely because of his character concerns in years past and lack of leadership (despite being the QB, Mallett was never voted by his teammates at Arkansas as a Captain).

So in a lot of ways, the move would make a lot of sense and it's hard to see the Bengals passing on him if he's still there by the time the Bengals pick this evening.