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NFL Owners Lockout is Back On - Courts Grant Stay of the Injunction

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Pro Football Talk of is reporting that the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has granted a temporary stay of the injunction placed on the NFL owners by Judge Susan Nelson earlier this month. The stay, however is only temporary and is to last through the weekend, then as soon as Monday, the Eighth Circuit will hear the player's appeal.

This all comes on the heals of reports of players finally returning to work after facilities were opened up when Judge Nelson ordered that the NFL resume it's normal activities.

The move affects the Bengals in a number of different ways (as it does with all NFL teams), but perhaps the most significant being that at least for this draft weekend, the Bengals will not be able to trade either QB Carson Palmer, or WR Ochocicno, regardless of whether or not Mike Brown was entertaining trade possibilities.

So for those of you who were holding out hope that the Bengals still might get something in the 2011 NFL draft for the two players that have widely been considered staples of the team during the 2000s, you can can think again.