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NFL Labor Situation Update: Temporary Stay Expected, Not Granted

Unfortunately, in the age of the Internet, Twitter and instant information, today's journalism is more about speed and less about accuracy. Every journalist wants to be first, and in the process of being first, information can be left out and inaccurate conclusions can be drawn.

Today we wrote, based on a report from ESPN and PFT, that the NFL lockout was back in full swing, being that the NFL was granted a stay from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. However, that's not quite entirely true, even though it probably will be.

The actual news is that a temporary stay is expected to be granted, and when it is, the lockout will be back in full swing. However, nothing has happened yet.

"Well, a stay at least is still being decided by the Eighth Circuit Court," Clayton said. "A decision, according to sources in the clerk’s office, should come down this afternoon."

We'll bring you any news about the lockout as it rolls in and we're sorry for any confusion.