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Holtzman: Andy Dalton Is Bengals "Plan A" For The Second Round Of The 2011 NFL Draft

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During a SportsCenter update with draft picks selecting early in the second round, ESPN's Bob Holtzman provided some insight into the Bengals second round plan kicking off Friday evening. The Bengals are targeting two players right now, TCU quarterback Andy Dalton and Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett. Dalton, Holtzman reports, is "Plan A" while Mallett is "Plan B".

"As for Plan C," Holtzman reports, "That's something the Bengals don't want to think about."

So unless New England trades out of the 33rd pick to a team like Seattle and the Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills select both quarterbacks to kick off the second round, the Bengals will draft their quarterback. We're going to file both quarterbacks gone as "unlikely".

Once the quarterback selection is settled, the Bengals can finally get into the heart of the NFL Draft, where teams separate themselves from others, selecting the players that contribute greatly to their respective teams drafted from the third round on.