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2011 NFL Draft: Who in the Cincinnati Bengals Organization Made the Decision to Draft TCU Quarterback Andy Dalton?

In the moments before Anthony Muñoz announced that the Cincinnati Bengals would be selecting TCU quarterback Andy Dalton, there was a report that there was dissension in the ranks of the Bengals organization (SURPRISE!).

The report, coming from Adam Schefter, was that Bengals owner and GM, Mike Brown, wanted to draft Ryan Mallett but the coaches liked Dalton.

If this is true, then the coaches, especially new offensive coordinator Jay Gruden, who has been excited about Dalton for a while, have won. But what does it all mean?

If it's true that Brown wanted to draft Mallett but the coaches convinced him that Dalton was the better pick, is it possible that Marvin Lewis has a lot more say in the Bengals organization than most people think?

We reported earlier that the Bengals were toying with the idea of building an indoor practice facility, something that Lewis wanted if he was to return to the Bengals as their head coach. Even though, based on that awful press conference a few months ago, it seemed as if he wasn't going to get his practice facility, things may have changed.

Is Brown slowly but surely giving up more and more control of the Bengals? Is this a sign that the coaches may be able to talk him into other things in the future, like a trade of a certain quarterback because it would be the best thing for the team?