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Seven Bengals Players Showed Up During The Injunction Friday

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In between the player's temporary injunction that was quickly overturned, seven Bengals players showed up Friday, according to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer. The players arrived at Paul Brown Stadium to "work out or get treatment for past injuries."

Bobbie Williams, Adam Jones, Rey Maualuga, Dennis Roland, Kevin Huber, Mike Nugent and Reggie Stephens were here. In the case of Huber, it was a chance to practice inside the stadium since rain had made working out elsewhere not feasible.

Most of the Bengals had been working out on their own, including Jordan Palmer working with "some running backs, receivers and tight ends in Southern California."

"Guys have missed it and are working out, but they really want to get back to the stadium, that's a sense of home," Williams said. "This right now (working out offsite), it seems like we're abroad. The stadium is home."

However, the injunction was short-lived after Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay and the league immediately brought the lockout back. The court is expected to officially rule later this week on a longer stay.