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Gil Brandt: Bengals Had The Best Pick In The Second Round

Pete Prisco gave the Bengals an "A" while Steve Wyche wondered if the Bengals panicked to select TCU quarterback Andy Dalton. However,'s Gil Brandt thinks that the best selection in the second round goes to the Cincinnati Bengals for drafting Dalton.

Best pick:
Cincinnati taking Andy Dalton at No. 35. Without having to move up, the Bengals brought in a young quarterback who has a chance to be very special.

That might not have been the case if the Bengals had their way. Originally the Bengals were in talks with the Atlanta Falcons to trade first round picks, pushing Cincinnati to the 27th selection overall. They would have taken Andy Dalton with the selection. Instead they stayed with their fourth overall selection and drafted the best wide receiver prospect in the draft.

Towards the end of the first round, the Bengals tried to trade into the first round with the Green Bay Packers. The presumed selection would have been Dalton. That didn't work out and the Bengals were left with drafting third in the second round. There were concerns another quarterback-needy team would jump the Bengals, making a trade with New England. None did. The Bills were a nervous selection, but they didn't pick any quarterbacks allowing the Bengals to select Dalton.

Failing to make a trade with the Atlanta Falcons allowed the Bengals to acquire A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. And failing to make a trade with the Green Bay Packers allowed the Bengals to keep a lower draft pick that would likely become a contributor on the depth chart or special teams.