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2011 NFL Draft: The Cincinnati Bengals Select Southern Illinois Cornerback Korey Lindsey

With the 207th selection of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Southern Illinois cornerback Korey Lindsey. The Bengals have liked Lindsey from the start, watching his workout during Southern Illinois' Pro Day and meeting with the team in early April.

Johnathan Joseph will be a free agent once the new league year begins. Leon Hall and Adam Jones will be free agents this time next year, leaving Morgan Trent and Brandon Ghee is the team's remaining cornerbacks. Additional to the need to work on special teams players, the Bengals have an obvious need to start stocking up the position with cornerback backs, which was a position we've long thought the team would address this year in the NFL Draft.

Even if Lindsey doesn't make a significant contribution on defense, the Bengals continue to make selection that will help improve their overall talent on special teams, an area of incredible weakness.