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NFL Draft 2011: The Bengals Cornerback Depth Improves With Korey Lindsey

As we've pointed out since January, the Cincinnati Bengals need depth in the secondary. Robert Sands builds a roster at safety that only included starters Reggie Nelson and Chris Crocker. Contractual issues with Johnahtan Joseph this year and Leon Hall and Adam Jones next year could result in all three cornerbacks leaving the Bengals by this time next year.

Thus the Bengals had to work on depth and they did that with Southern Illinois cornerback Korey Lindsey. The question most fans will surely have is, who is this kid?

Lindsey, a two-time First-Team All-American in the FCS version of college football, which is formerly known as Division I-AA, posted 14 career interceptions at Southern Illinois. Sidelines Scouting writes that the six foot, 190-pound cornerback "Instincts and route-recognition skills are above-average, is a heady player who understands the importance of preparation." They also write favorably with good change-of-direction skills and fluid hips.

NFL DraftTracker praises his intangibles and named the team's most valuable defensive back in 2009. His instincts are one of his best qualities.

Above-average route recognition and can jump routes when asked to match up in man coverage. Above-average discipline. Occasionally overreacts to rollouts and bootlegs but can read quarterback's eyes without drifting or getting caught out of position when asked to drop into zone coverage.