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2011 NFL Draft: The Cincinnati Bengals Select Baylor Running Back Jay Finley

With the 246th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Baylor running back Jay Finley. The Bengals head into the draft with plenty of uncertainty at running back. Cedric Benson, Brian Leonard and Cedric Peerman are all free agents with Bernard Scott as the team's lone signed running back through 2011.

Finley posted 1,218 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns, averaging 6.2 yards/rush. He posted 250 yards rushing and two touchdowns in a 47-42 win over Kansas State. During Baylor's 30-22 win over Texas, Finley posted 116 yards rushing and in a 42-30 loss to Texas A&M, he recorded three rushing touchdowns.

From Sports Illustrated:

Biography: Posted career-high rushing numbers of 195/1218/12 and caught 9 passes as a senior after starting 12 games. Started three games and rushed for 370 yards and one score as a junior. Sophomore totals included 149/865/7.

Positives: "Patient ball carrier who displays small-area quickness. Waits for blocks develop, follows them everywhere on the field, and shows a burst through the hole. Displays elusiveness in a small area with the ability to quickly change direction and lose no momentum. Makes defenders miss, creates yardage, and shows the ability to turn the corner. Solid pass catcher who adjusts to errant throws and makes catches in stride."

Negatives: One-speed athlete who cannot run to daylight. Not a strong ball carrier who picks up yardage off initial contact. Easily knocked off balance by the initial hit.

Analysis: "Finley is coming off a terrific senior campaign, but he lacks ideal size/speed numbers to be anything other than a third or fourth back on an NFL roster. It would help his cause this summer if he shows immediate production catching the ball out of the backfield."