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2011 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft - Round 2 - The Kansas City Chiefs Select...

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For the fifty-fifth pick in the second-annual Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, Indesignkat selected is for the Kansas City Chiefs, who have the standard three picks available. Here is the pick...

With the fifty-fifth pick in the 2011 Cincy Jungle Mock Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select...

Sam Acho, OLB, Texas

Here in Chiefs country we have an elderly gentleman who shows up for every game and always cheers us on. He's sortof a mascot for us.. a guy that was older than dirt when Hector was a pup but he still has great enthusiasm for the game. Sometimes we high-five him as we run out onto the field, taking care not to hurt his shoulder or knock the blanket off his legs. He makes appearances on our behalf whenever a new Country Kitchen Buffet opens up, or when a farmer's market wants some publicity. With his raspy voice and leathery skin you wouldn't think he'd be a media darling, but the old coot does have a sort of charm. We even gave him a special parking spot at Arrowhead Stadium so he wouldn't have to navigate his motorized chair through the crowds. He's the grandfather that a lot of our young players never had. Unfortunately he's not much of a linebacker anymore, so with heavy hearts we have to admit it's time to find a replacement for Mike Vrabel.

We know there will be a little bit of a learning curve for Sam as we transition him from a DE to an OLB, but we have complete confidence in him doing so. How can we be so sure? For starters consider the fact that he won the 2010 Danny Wuerffel trophy, as well as the 2010 William V. Campbell trophy. Both are awards given to the FBS player that best "combines exemplary community service with academic and athletic achievement." The Campbell trophy in particular is sometimes called the "Heisman for smart kids", such as past winners Peyton Manning and the Bengals' own Brian Leonard. Sam is one of the more intelligent kids in the draft at any position and has an outstanding character and work ethic. He's the kind of guy you are proud to have on your team in every aspect of the game and the real world outside of the game. Oh, and one other thing..he's fast like a freak. This kid gets to quarterbacks so fast he has time to stop and help your grandma across the street along the way. And he'd do it, too, he's that kind of dude. And he doesn't stop until the play is over. Ever. He does need to learn a few more moves, as speed alone won't get the job done in the NFL, but that's why we have Gary (Gibbs, linebackers coach) on the payroll. He has helped Tamba Hali develop into a real force and we're confident he'll do the same with Sam. He'll also need to introduce Sam to the idea of covering tight ends and slot receivers, but did I mention how smart and fast Sam is? Another key aspect of Sam's game and his character is the way he always knows where he's supposed to be. You won't find an open running lane that he was assigned to, and the Denver Farking Broncos may finally have to learn a new play because we'll finally have a guy who knows how to keep containment on the QB on play fake rollouts!!!! .. Sorry, sore spot there. Point being, Sam is a kid that has the smarts to run the defense, the study habits to know everything about the opponent before the game starts, the burst off the line to leave offensive tackles in his wake, the discipline and blue collar attitude to stay on the field in running plays, and the star power to put butts in seats.

We considered a few other guys such as North Carolina's Bruce Carter, who we feel has a tremendous future ahead of him in the NFL if he completely recovers from the ACL surgery. In the end that "if" worried us a little too much to put him ahead of Sam on our board. There are a couple other players we're watching very closely but we think one of them will still be there for our next pick, and we are confident that the OLBs we valued would not.

Speaking of our next pick, we need to get back to the war room to finish researching that. Grandpa Vrabel turns all the television monitors to Wheel of Fortune if we leave him alone in there for too long.

Sam Acho Highlights:

Draft Overview:

# Team Picked By Name/Positon of Pick
1 Carolina James Shively Nick Fairley / DT
2 Denver sexsalad Patrick Peterson / CB
3 Buffalo Elguapo09 Von Miller / OLB
4 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2 A.J. Green / WR
5 Arizona Broski Da'Quan Bowers / DE
6 Cleveland Joe Goodberry Marcell Dareus / DL
7 San Francisco Heybrown Prince Amukamara / CB
8 Tennessee Oxalis Cam Newton / QB
9 Dallas Jim0ijk Robert Quinn / DE
10 Washington Pardon_My_French Blaine Gabbert / QB
11 Houston Joe27 Julio Jones / WR
12 Minnesota CarsonOrBust Tyron Smith / OL
13 Detroit The_Black_Stripes Cameron Jordan / DL
14 St. Louis Jaegner Aldon Smith / DE
15 Miami JaredM Mark Ingram / RB
16 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit JJ Watt / DE
17 New England (from Oakland / Seymour) UpStateMike Anthony Castonzo / OT
18 San Diego Quickslant Mike Pouncey / OG
19 New York Giants TheDealio Akeem Ayers / OLB
20 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch Ryan Kerrigan / DE
21 Kansas City Indesignkat Corey Liuget / DT
22 Indianapolis Ddbumpus Nate Solder / OT
23 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12 Gabe Carimi / OT
24 New Orleans FriarBob Cameron Heyward / DE
25 Seattle IgnatiusJReilly Jake Locker / QB
26 Baltimore FriarBob Adrian Clayborn / DE
27 Atlanta TruWhoDey Justin Houston / DE/OLB
28 New England UpStateMike Muhammad Wilkerson / DL
29 Chicago Bsmith4256 Derek Sherrod / OL
30 New York Jets Polo_614 Phil Taylor / DT
31 Pittsburgh Jason Garrison Jimmy Smith / CB
32 Green Bay Sean Weaver Stephen Paea / DL
33 New England (from Carolina / Armanti Edwards) UpStateMike Brooks Reed / OLB
34 Buffalo Elguapo09 Allen Bailey / DE
35 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2 Christian Ponder / QB
36 Denver sexsalad Kyle Rudolph / TE
37 Cleveland Jason Garrison Torrey Smith / WR
38 Arizona Broski Rodney Hudson / OG
39 Tennessee Oxalis Marvin Austin / DT
40 Dallas Jim0ijk Danny Watkins / OG
41 Washington Pardon_My_French Jonathan Baldwin / WR
42 Houston Joe27 Rahim Moore / FS
43 Minnesota CarsonOrBust Ryan Mallet / QB
44 Detroit The_Black_Stripes Stefen Wiesnewski / C/G
45 San Francisco Heybrown Andy Dalton / QB
46 Denver (from Miami / Brandon Marshall) sexsalad Drake Nevis / DT
47 St. Louis Jaegner Leonard Hankerson / WR
48 Oakland NoodleXV Brandon Harris / CB
49 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit Aaron Williams / S
50 San Diego Quickslant Jabaal Sheard / DE
51 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch Martez Wilson / MLB
52 New York Giants TheDealio Mikel Leshoure / RB
53 Indianapolis Ddbumpus Titus Young / WR
54 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12 Davon House / CB
55 Kansas City Indesignkat Sam Acho / OLB
56 New Orleans FriarBob
57 Seattle IgnatiusJReilly
58 Baltimore Joe Goodberry
59 Atlanta TruWhoDey
60 New England UpStateMike
61 San Diego (from NYJets / Antonio Cromartie) Quickslant
62 Chicago Bsmith4256
63 Pittsburgh FriarBob
64 Green Bay Sean Weaver
65 Carolina James Shively
66 Cincinnati Jason Garrison +2
67 Denver sexsalad
68 Buffalo Elguapo09
69 Arizona Broski
70 Cleveland FriarBob
71 Dallas Jim0ijk
72 New Orleans (from Washington / Jammal Brown) FriarBob
73 Houston Joe27
74 New England (from Minnesota / Randy Moss) UpStateMike
75 Detroit The_Black_Stripes
76 San Francisco Heybrown
77 Tennessee Oxalis
78 St. Louis Jaegner
79 Miami JaredM
80 Jacksonville Whodatchemsit
81 Oakland NoodleXV
82 San Diego Quickslant
83 New York Giants TheDealio
84 Tampa Bay Doc Scratch
85 Philadelphia Buckeyenut12
86 Kansas City Indesignkat
87 Indianapolis Ddbumpus
88 New Orleans FriarBob
89 San Diego (from Seattle / Charlie Whitehurst) Quickslant
90 Baltimore Jason Garrison
91 Atlanta TruWhoDey
92 New England UpStateMike
93 Chicago Bsmith4256
94 New York Jets Polo_614
95 Pittsburgh Joe Goodberry
96 Green Bay Sean Weaver
97 Carolina (compensatory) James Shively