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Adam Schefter: Bengals Interested In Eagles Quarterback Kevin Kolb

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According to ESPN Insider's Adam Schefter, the Cincinnati Bengals are interested in Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Add Bengals to list of teams interested in Kevin Kolb. Connect dots: Bengals WR coach is James Urban, who was Eagles QB coach last year.less than a minute ago via web

While the James Urban connection is obvious -- one we've made before -- we're fairly certain that Schefter wouldn't tweet this nearly a month after Urban was hired, suddenly making a random connecting-the-dot reference.

The Bengals are in the market for a new quarterback now that Carson Palmer is tucked away in his comfortable California home, unwilling to play another game at Paul Brown stadium. The team is working hard, scouting prospects in this year's NFL Draft.

But the truth is, even if the Bengals draft a quarterback, that player will undergo a developmental period behind a veteran quarterback. For instance if the Bengals draft Cam Newton, it would be highly unrealistic to expect Newton to start at quarterback and be become comfortable with the system (or else you risk another burnt out first round quarterback a few seasons afterwards). That same would apply to Blaine Gabbert or even Ryan Mallett. It's not that they're bad quarterbacks, but generally speaking, few experts, if any, have actually come out and said that any quarterback prospect would be ready their first season. And it's unrealistic to think they should be.

Kolb also makes more sense than any free agent out there. Along with the James Urban connection that could help ready receivers for his passes, Kolb's only experience is under the Andy Reid version of the West Coast offense, a system not too dissimilar to Jay Gruden's offense.

However, before any notions of a trade can be made, here are some facts on the ground. The Eagles are expecting a first round pick, which isn't too much if you think about it considering many would have been fine with drafting Newton and Gabbert. In reality, Kolb would be the most ready of the bunch and the best option in the short-term. Secondly, no trade can be made involving players until the Collective Bargaining Agreement is resolved.

And it hasn't escaped us that this could be misdirection by Kolb's camp forcing the hand of others or someone from the Eagles camp trying to sweeten the pot by playing off the Bengals fourth overall pick. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened to the Bengals.