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Joe Reedy: Mock Draft 3.0

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In The Cincinnati Enquirer's first two mock NFL mock drafts, the Bengals' beat writer, Joe Reedy, selected Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green, which is the same thing I did in the first round of Cincy Jungle's mock draft.

In the first mock draft, Cam Newton, Marcell Dareus and Von Miller were taken, in order, before the Bengals selected fourth. Then, in the second mock draft, Reedy selected Blaine Gabbert first, next was Dareus and then Newton were selected in order before the Bengals went on the clock.

In his third mock draft, Reedy has the Panthers going back to Cam Newton and Denver sticking with Marcell Dareus for a third straight time. Then, with the No. 3 overall pick, Reedy has the Bills moving away from the quarterback position to select Von Miller. Then, for the Bengals, Reedy selected somebody other than A.J. Green.

That somebody is Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

With the first and second picks in the draft nearly set, the focus turns to who the Bills will select at number three. In talking with folks who cover and follow the Bills, there is a split on if they will go defense or take a quarterback. Right now it is anyone’s guess but right now the tide seems to be leaning in favor of defense, which would put the Bengals right in position to take Blaine Gabbert with the fourth pick.

Reedy then had the Cardinals selecting LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson at  No. 5 and A.J. Green fell to the Browns with the sixth pick.

If Gabbert does fall to the Bengals and they decide to take a chance on him in the first round, Reedy believes that there will still be players available in early rounds to help address other positions of need.

If the Bengals do go with a quarterback in the first round, there should still be plenty of options at receiver, defensive line and offensive line. With three receivers in the last year of their contract, including one who might not be here come the first week of games, they have to address that position early.