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Ken Anderson to Host Football Camp at St. Xavier High School

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Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson

According to the mothership, Bengals should-be hall of fame quarterback Ken Anderson is returning to Cincinnati to host Ken Anderson's Elite Football Camp from April 14-17 at St. Xavier High School. The camp is for youth football players between the eighth grade and 11th grade and costs $500 to attend.

"It's just me and the kids," Anderson said. "We're going to be focusing mainly on throwing mechanics and I want there to be as much work with each individual as possible."

In 16 seasons, Anderson amassed 32,838 yards on 4,475 passes, throwing 197 touchdowns. In that time, he also ran for 2,220 yards for 20 touchdowns.Can somebody tell me why he's not in the hall of fame?

The camp will begin after school on Thursday April 14 continue Friday April 15, and then would finish with 9 a.m. sessions on Saturday and Sunday, the 16th and 17th.

Once the camp is over, Anderson will be hosting another one in Rock Island, Ill., where he played college football at Augustana College.

Those interested in the camp can email