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Todd McShay's NFL Mock Draft: Bengals Select WR A.J. Green, QB Andy Dalton And RB Kendall Hunter

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Unlike Mel Kiper, ESPN's Draft expert Todd McShay has the Bengals drafting A.J. Green, A.J. Green and A.J. Green. I tend to give points for consistency, even though I don't agree with the pick, considering that cornerback Patrick Peterson would still be available.

But McShay, like Kiper, has the Bengals selecting A.J. Green with their fourth overall pick in his most recent mock draft. You'd think that's where the similarities end.

In fact, they don't. At all.

In the second round of his mock draft, McShay has the Bengals selecting TCU quarterback Andy Dalton. In the third round, the Bengals take Oklahoma State running back Kendall Hunter. Whereas Kiper has the Bengals selecting Virginia Tech running back Ryan Williams, McShay picked the third-best running back prospect according to ESPN's DraftTracker.

Runs without hesitation when approaching the line of scrimmage. Finishes runs. Lowers his shoulder and looks to deliver a blow. Runs as hard as any smaller back in this class. Did a much better job with ball security in 2010 after fumbling eight times (six lost) on 483 touches during first three seasons.