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Kansas State Running Back Daniel Thomas To Workout With The Bengals This Saturday

According to Joshua Kinder (no relation) of the The Manhattan Mercury, Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas will workout with the Bengals this Saturday. Other teams mentioned with interest in Thomas include the Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos.

Thomas is projected as a second to third round pick, rated as the fifth-best running back prospect in this year's NFL Draft (by ESPN's DraftTracker), grading out as above average in vision, patience, agility, acceleration and the passing game. He scored an average grade in power and balance:

A big back. Can flash some power when momentum is behind him. Churns legs at end of runs and generally falls forward. Displays good body control through cuts and rarely loses balance. However, he's much more finesse than he is power. Runs a bit high and needs to be more consistent lowering his shoulder to initialize contact. Doesn't run with as wide of a base as his size would indicate. Legs get taken out too easily at times.

However, his competitiveness isn't impressive.

Keep legs moving after initial contact and fights for extra yardage. Consistently finishes runs falling forward. However, it does not appear that he loves contact. He frequently runs like a 200-pound scat-back. Ball security is a significant concern, as well. Fumbled on 1.84 percent of his career offensive touches, one of the worst of the 'draftable' running backs in the 2011 class.

The Bengals are in the market for several running backs, even if they elect to bring Cedric Benson back. Brian Leonard is a free agent and Cedric Peerman is an exclusive-rights free agent. There's plenty of room for improvement.