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Alabama WR Julio Jones Visited With The Cincinnati Bengals On Wednesday

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Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones visited Cincinnati for a visit with the Bengals on Wednesday, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy. Jones is listed ahead of Georgia's wide receiver A.J. Green on the Bengals big board, wrote Sports Illustrated's Peter King in late March. ESPN analysis Todd McShay quickly wrote that Green would be a better fit for the Bengals than Julio Jones, who is known for dropping "more catchable balls than he should."

Jones is ranked as the second-best wide receiver prospect, behind Green, according to ESPN's Draft Tracker who grades Jones favorably with separation skills, big-play ability, competitiveness, toughness and the all important intangibles.

Plays with passion on the field. Active in the community and has visited sick children at local hospitals. Recipient of the Sylvester Croom Commitment to Excellence Award in 2009.

Along with his drops, Jones has some durability questions; though we feel that they're somewhat overstated.