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Browns Running Back Last AFC North Player in Madden Cover Tournament

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The Bengals nominated rookie defensive end Carlos Dunlap to enter a tournament to select the player that would grace the cover of one of the nation's most popular video games: Madden '12. Unfortunately, Dunlap was knocked out by Pittsburgh Steelers wide wide receiver Hines Ward in the first round.

Now the tournament is about to advance into the final four, and only one AFC North player remains in the tournament: Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis.

Hillis is going up against Kansas City running back Jamal Charles this week, and if he wins, would face off against the winner between Aaron Rodgers and Danny Woodhead.

Against the Bengals, Hillis ran for 161 yards on 41 carries and one touchdown, winning one of the two games. Throughout the entire season, Hillis ran for 1,177 yards and 11 touchdowns, helping the Browns escape the AFC North basement.

If you want to vote for Peyton Hillis in the Madden '12 cover tournament, you can do so here.