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Colorado Cornerback Jimmy Smith Recently Visited With The Cincinnati Bengals

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Colorado cornerback Jimmy Smith recently visited with the Cincinnati Bengals, according to National Football Post's Aaron Wilson. Smith has reportedly made visits with the Minnesota Vikings, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Baltimore Ravens. Character concerns have raised a red flag with the cornerback, who has failed drug tests, been arrested for possession of alcohol as a minor, skipped the Senior Bowl and has an overall "cocky attitude to boot." Though some would argue that that is just the college experience; not that we're here to judge the moral compass of an NFL prospect.

Smith is often considered a first rounder, with Mel Kiper Jr. arguing that Smith has "top 10 to 15 talent". And according to ESPN DraftTracker, Smith is ranked as the fifth-best cornerback prospect with above average grades in virtually every category, such as instinct, recognition, cover skills, ball skills, run support, production, size and durability. And yes, intangibles too.

Quiet and reserved. Leads by example. A very respectful individual to everyone involved in the athletic department. Active in community service.

The Bengals are unlikely to draft Smith, even if he falls to the Bengals second round selection. No matter what the Bengals do in the first round, drafting a wide receiver or a defensive player, Cincinnati will most likely address quarterback in the second round with guys like Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton and Ryan Mallett possibly being available. We would include Jake Locker but the Bengals haven't appeared to be interested.