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Marvin Lewis: Cam Newton is "Magnetic"

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While many draft experts and NFL analysts believe that the risk of drafting Auburn quarterback Cam Newton with a high draft pick could outweigh its reward. Most believe that Newton's chances of being a bust are very high, and, like the other quarterbacks in this year's draft class, aren't worth a top-five or maybe even a top-10 draft pick.

However, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis may believe the exact opposite. After Newton's workout with the Bengals, Lewis said that Newton has "it." What exactly is "it"? You'll have to click the jump to find out.

"It," apparently is what quarterbacks need if they want to excel as an NFL quarterback.

"He’s got it,’’ Lewis said. "You’ve got to be a guy that is stand up, ready-to-take-control kind of guy.

"He’s gone through some adversity that’s been created around him. Some self-inflicted at times. Probably some inflicted by the environment around him at times. Some made up, probably. But whatever it is, he’s been successful. He shoulders responsibilities, and he’s done well with it.’’

Lewis also spoke of Newton's personality, saying, "He's a real fine NFL prospect. He's got a great, great personality. Magnetic."

It's currently unclear as to what the Bengals plan to do with their No. 4 overall pick. They need a quarterback, but will they use their fourth overall selection on one, especially when there isn't a quarterback in this year's draft that is worthy of a pick that high? They also need a new No. 1 receiver and help on defense, they could easily use their No. 4 overall pick on a player like A.J. Green or Patrick Peterson.

Most believe that a quarterback like Florida State's Christian Ponder or TCU's Andy Dalton are better fits in the Bengals new west coast offense implemented by Jay Gruden. While I'm sure that Newton's physical attributes could come in handy for any team, I'm not so sure those attributes are worthy of a No. 4 overall pick.

So why would Lewis talk up Newton the way he has? Well, there are two reasons: One, he really feels this way and Newton will be in stripes next year or Two, it's a smokescreen.

Sometimes NFL teams will put on a big show about about a player that they have no intention of drafting to mask what their true intentions are. They do the same thing with players that they are interested in, only in reverse. They'll say certain negative things about players that they are interested in, hoping that they'll still be available when they go on the clock. This is the NFL's own form of espionage.

I'm not 100 percent sure that Lewis' comments about Newton are the way they really feel or if it's just a smokescreen. Either way, this year's draft will be more interesting than most in recent memory. For the first time in a few years, I really have no clue as to what the Bengals are thinking.

Do you?