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NFL Draft 2011: Adam Caplan Grades The Bengals With A "B"

Fox Sports' Adam Caplan didn't grade the Bengals draft as favorably as the ESPN experts, grading Cincinnati with a solid "B".

The Bengals did a decent job of drafting for value and were able to fill some needs. At least two of the selections should challenge for a starting job this season.

First of all, with our totally unbiased 3D glasses firmly resting on the bridges of our noses, we figure that A.J. Green, Andy Dalton, Clint Boling and Robert Sands could compete for a starting job. Sands might be a stretch, but Chris Crocker and Reggie Nelson were named starters because the team simply lacked options and there's no reason why Sands couldn't compete for either starting job. Crocker and Nelson are serviceable, but hardly irreplaceable as defensive starters.

But if you have a problem with Caplan's grades, know that he gave out 20 "Bs" and four "As".

Hence grades are entirely too subjective to take seriously. Unless of course they give the Bengals a great grade, then we're all about Tiger Woods fist pumps.