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Cincinnati Bengals Extend Radio Contract With Clear Channel

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Clear Channel
Clear Channel

The Bengals have officially announced that they extended their contract with Clear Channel Media for three more years. That means that games will continue to be heard on ESPN 1530 AM and WEBN 102.7 FM for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons.

The Bengals' Executive Vice President, Katie Blackburn, Issued the following statement:

"Clear Channel Media Cincinnati provides a very strong station lineup, and we are proud to have them continue to serve as the home for Bengals football. The new ‘in-house’ model will provide us a lot of flexibility with our business partners and will allow us to leverage all the marketing assets of Bengals football. We look forward to working in a positive way with Clear Channel Media Cincinnati to provide great radio broadcasts, but we also want to go beyond that to develop additional coverage that will interest our fans."

It won't be Brad Johansen's voice that we'll be hearing on the radio, calling the play-by-play for the Bengals. It will be former University of Cincinnati football and basketball announcer Dan Hoard who will be with Dave Lapham. The only reason I reminded you, as Joe Reedy points out, is because there's a very good chance that we'll only be able to listen to Bengals home games on the radio (if you live within 75 miles of the stadium) instead of watch them on TV because it's pretty likely that they won't be selling out many games in 2011.