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Hobson: Bengals Could Keep Ochocinco Until A.J. Green Signs As Insurance

The Bengals could keep veteran wide receiver, racer of horses, intern soccer player and rider of bulls (WTF?), Chad Ochocinco through the summer until, at the very least, rookie wide receiver A.J. Green signs a contract. Fearing the inevitable with first round draft picks and the front office's totally awesome expediency to sign those players, Mothership writer Geoff Hobson speculates that the Bengals may view Ochocinco as "insurance if Green doesn't get to camp on time."

After realizing that the really loud noise outside wasn't the Cloverfield beast, just a unified groan from Bengals fans worldwide, it has to be noted that Chad Ochocinco is signed through the 2011 season. Much of his speculation has come from him and fans, based on the overwhelming evidence that head coach Marvin Lewis is a total "meanie" now and that Lewis is "tired of Ochocinco's attention-seeking ways."

Recently we made an argument that Chad could return in 2011 because the team's most experience receiver, Andre Caldwell, has only 87 career receptions and 855 yards receiving. But we still believe he's not long for this team.