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Chad Ochocinco Will Name The Bull He's Riding: Marvin Lewis

When we learned that Chad Ochocinco was planning to ride a bull, I momentarily put my entire life on hold. The cars stacked up behind me on I-75 received a free NASCAR lesson on avoiding wrecks. Even my radio briefly stopped broadcasting the sports talk program to look up at me and mouth the letters: W-T-F. None of us should really be surprised; this is Chad.

Asked what he's going to name his bull on Wednesday:

I am gonna name the bull Marvin Lewis RT @tjprice91: @ochocinco what you gonna name the bullless than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

Priceless. Wrong. But priceless. This is something we file under, "a good laugh." We're pretty sure that Lewis will do his hearty laugh and Chad wrote it in good fun. Or maybe not.

Then again, we wouldn't be surprised if this is just another dig between the coach and player in a relationship that appears to have deteriorated dating back to the end of last season -- at least on the surface. During the week leading into the 2011 NFL Draft, a source claimed that Marvin Lewis was tiring of "Ochocinco's attention-seeking ways." On the same day, Chad admitted that he believes his time is up. And before that, Chad was giving soccer a try, prompting the Bengals head coach to say, "What has he ever done that he's ever completed?" Ochcocinco also ripped into Lewis for his record:

Lewis: who's 60-67-1 all-time, 0-2 in playoffs, and only 2 seasons with +.500 record, can't criticize my thumbs for tweeting. They win 4 meless than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

Based on speculation that the Bengals may keep Chad Ochocinco around for insurance reasons until A.J. Green signs his rookie contract, it might not be in Chad's best interest to rip into the head coach, who could simply keep him on the team and release just before the regular season making it harder for him to find a team.

In the mean time, Chad Ochocinco is going to ride a bull named Marvin Lewis.