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Cris Collinsworth Believes Andy Dalton Could Be the Next Kenny Anderson

Andy Dalton could be the next Kenny Anderson. Accuracy is his trademark. I am ready for young hungry Bengals to take over. Enough Stuff.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


That's not some random guy saying new Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton could be good, that's Cris Collinsworth, the fourth most productive wide receiver in Bengals history (behind Chad Ochocinco, Isaac Curtis and Carl Pickens) and one of the most respected NFL commentators on TV, having just won his 12th Emmy.

So when Collinsworth says something about the Bengals' future quarterback, even if it's to say that he could be the next Kenny Anderson, who's the greatest quarterback in Bengals history, I, for one, put some faith in it.

Anderson was the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals from 1971 to 1986. In that time, he passed for 32,838 yards, 197 touchdowns, leading the Bengals to 118-112 record, four playoff appearances and a spot in Super Bowl XVI. Most, including Collinsworth believe that he's a Hall of Fame snub.

So to say that the Bengals' 2011 NFL Draft second-round pick is the next Anderson, is a big deal. It's true that there are some similarities, at least from knowing what we know about Dalton from college. Both Dalton and Anderson didn't have howitzer arm strength, but what they do both have was accuracy.

Like Anderson, Dalton was also praised for his leadership in college and has a "refuse to lose" mentality.

A tough competitor. Has a 'refuse to lose' mentality. Mentally and physically tough. Has matured into a leadership role. Teammates swear by him. Proven winner. Four-year starter with a 34-3 record as a starter in final three seasons. Three-time bowl game MVP, including Rose Bowl MVP in victory over Wisconsin in 2011.

In Anderson's first year as quarterback, he started four games (Virgil Carter started the other 10) and won none of them. Dalton could find himself in the same situation, especially since the Bengals will likely sign a veteran free agent quarterback.

So, even though Dalton might not be successful in 2011, or even see much action in his rookie season, if Collinsworth is right about Dalton's similarities to Anderson, the Bengals could be looking at a re-birth of their greatest era in the years to come.

Hey, if skinny jeans and everything else we wore in the '80s can come back in style, it's certainly possible.