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A.J. Green Received A Playbook Before Lockout Was Reinstated

Since A.J. Green was in Cincinnati on Friday, a day after being selected during the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Green was able to pick up his playbook before the lockout was reinstated during the second day of the draft. Lewis also reportedly said that Green, and anyone else with a playbook, can share it with anyone he wants.

This got us thinking, now would be a good time for the players to get together for a players-only camp. There have been various reports that players are separately working out together. For instance several players worked out together at Ignition Athletic Performance Group in Mason. Others worked out together at a Sharonville facility called D-1; though the report didn't mention whom. In addition, quarterbacks Jordan Palmer and Dan LeFevour worked out with receivers in Southern California.

That's all well and good. But isn't it time that the team's leadership gather all of the players together -- at least as many as possible -- to replicate their own version of an Organized Training Activity session? With playbooks being given to a few players, the team's leaders, such as Andrew Whitworth, Bobbie Williams and there's no reason Cedric Benson couldn't be involved, get the offensive players together to conduct drills, practice plays and work on the new system that will be implemented this year.

Currently the Browns are conducting a players-only camp, with quarterback Colt McCoy leading the effort, joined by Jake Delhomme, along with tight end rookie Jordan Cameron. This is their second camp in the offseason.

About a dozen offensive players attended "Camp Colt'' in Austin, and McCoy said he focused mainly on teaching the players the fundamentals of the Browns new West Coast offense. He received a playbook from the Browns several months ago and is well-versed in the new scheme...

The first session included workouts, meetings, position drills and passing situations. The players  also bonded in other ways, dining together and visiting a ranch.

Not that we use the Browns for some idealistic model on how things are conducted, but somehow the feeling that the Bengals are already playing from behind sits in the back of our minds.