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Bengals Owner Mike Brown to be One of Four Owners to Represent the NFL in Mediation

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I think we could all agree that, if the Bengals decided to cease football operations and transform from an NFL team to a mustard flavored popsicle producer, Mike Brown would have the Bengals Popsicle Co. on the list of Fortune 500 companies within a few months. There's no questioning that he is a good business man, a bad general manager yes, but when it comes to business, he knows what's what.

Maybe that's why Brown was selected by the NFL to be one of the four owners that will represent the league when mediation with the players resumes.

So we have two of the owners best suited to think big picture (Rooney and Mara), and two of the owners known as hard-line in labor matters. (Brown and Richardson.)

Even though Brown has been a source of constant disappointment to Bengals fans, he may have a hand in delivering all football fans exactly what they want -- professional football. If that happens, will you like him, or at least respect him, a little more?

I, for one, have gotten to the point that I don't care who wins the battle between the players and owners anymore. I just want it to be over. Hopefully Mike Brown can have a hand in helping that happen.