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Bengals Disgruntled Quarterback Carson Palmer Accepts Offer on His Cincinnati Home

Channel 9 Sports is reporting that Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer has entered into a contract with an individual over the sale of his home in Indian Hill, accepting the buyers offer.

There is nothing on the realtor's website to suggest the price has been dramatically reduced from the original listing of $2.1 million which would indicate he was an overly motivated seller. The selling price will eventually be public record. But whatever the number, after just seven weeks on the market, a buyer has made an offer which Palmer has apparently accepted.

We first reported that Palmer put his $2.1 million home up for sale in early February when the news that Palmer wanted out of Cincinnati was still fairly new. Then we weren't all 100 percent sure that Palmer wouldn't be the Bengals quarterback in 2011. 

While it's still not absolutely 100 percent that Palmer won't be back, it's probably safe to say that the chances of him not being on the field in a Bengals uniform are approaching 99.9 percent. He wouldn't sell his house if he wasn't completely satisfied with his decision.

As Dennis Jansen puts it, though, "Of course he could always rent."