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Oakland and Chicago Potential Destinations for Bengals Chad Ochocinco

Over the course of his career Chad Ochocinco has done it all. He's caught touchdown passes, changed his last name, proposed to cheerleaders during games, celebrated touchdowns with ponchos, sombraros, and requests to not be fined by the league for his celebrations. He's also complained about being a Bengal and demanded trades only to return. He's tried out for MLS team Sporting Kansas City, has had his own dating show, Tweeted 85,745,195,228 times, and he even rode a 1,600 pound pissed off bull for 1.5 seconds (it looked more like .5 seconds to us, but he, who's counting?). 

Upon the conclusion of the 2010 season it has been widely assumed that Ochocinco would be on his way out of town -- the Bengals declining to bring him and his baggage back for another season.

I think it's  a relatively safe bet to believe that he and all of his antics won't be returning to Cincinnati when next season arrives.

 But the question is does he have any value left and what team would want his services?

Well believe it or not there are some teams out there that could use him when football resumes. In my opinion, despite his recent decline in production Ochocinco still has some value, albeit very little, to some teams out there.

There are going to be teams out there searching for a veteran receiver to compliment their group of younger receivers. Teams will want someone who has experience, success, and a good understanding of the game. And despite all of the maintenance that Ochocinco has, he has those three qualities.

NFL Network Insider Jason La Confora believes that the Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bears are good potential destinations for the 33-year-old receiver.

Truth be told seeing Ochocinco in a Raiders uniform would not be that surprising considering Al Davis and his desire for bringing in players who are "unique" or towards the end of their career. But in reality, with Hue Jackson as the head coach there is some possibility of this happening. Jackson and Ochocinco have a history with one another stemming from when Jackson was the wide receivers coach for the Bengals from 2004-06.

Oakland had an anemic passing game last season that ranked 23rd with 198.8 yards per game. Also the Raiders only had 18 passing touchdowns. In Oakland there is no legitimate number one or even number two receiver, so adding Ochocinco to the mix would make sense and add an actual threat to the rotation.


Another team that could be looking for help at wide receiver are the Chicago Bears. Chicago had a passing game that ranked 28th in the league with only 188.4 yards per game and 21 touchdown passes. Chicago might be looking for an explosive receiver who can be a threat all over the field, but Ochocinco could be an option. He could be a much needed tool for Jay Cutler to work with. Any help that Chicago gets would be a welcomed site for the team and fans.

Finally, dare I say it, Chad Ochocinco could, and may even possibly should, stay in Cincinnati. Despite all of his outbursts, he can provide veteran leadership for A.J. Green, Andre Caldwell, Jordan Shipley, and Jerome Simpson. Defenses tended to cover Ocho with two defenders and his presence would relieve some of the pressure inexperienced players deal with.

When you think about it, he could play a vital role in the development of Green, who, even though most believe his transition to the NFL will be easy, could use someone to mentor him and show him the ropes of being an NFL player. (Keep in mind that I don't want Chad's antics to rub off on Green, instead, his ability to play the game).

Only time will tell where Ochocinco celebrates his next touchdown. But one thing to consider is what value does he bring to teams that might want him?