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ESPN Hates The Bengals: No Votes For Helmet Power Rankings (A World Gone Mad With Boredom)

The NFL gang at ESPN must be bored. Seriously bored. Tapping their fingers on their desks, waiting the labor dispute to head a resolution where the owners and players talk about said resolution, rather than pumping their chests in an effort to draw more public support. But what can ESPN do? Continue breaking down the draft, talk about potential free agents, project what needs each team must address and do a power rankings based on a team's helmet design. Huh? Yep.

So, we put our artistic eyes together (with the courtesy of professional help) and came up with our top 10 NFL helmets. Consensus? No, not even close. In a 2011 Power Rankings record, 26 lids collected votes. Eye of the beholder, folks.

The Steelers won the overall vote, with the Colts, Raiders, Packers and Chargers rounding up the top five.

The Bengals? Their unique design of tiger stripes over tiger orange didn't receive a single solitary vote. The San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Cardinals didn't receive votes either.

The Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns (they don't even HAVE a design), the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins round out the top-ten.