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History Behind The Number: Bengals Dontay Moch Selects #52

If you imagine the possibilities with the Bengals third-round selection from the 2011 NFL Draft, Dontay Moch could instill himself with a unit of young pass rushers on a defense craving pressure on the quarterback. And why not imagine it? Isn't this the time of year that's most hopeful with Bengals fans, generating fantastic buzz with players that have yet to play a regular season game? Of course it is. Because we're right. We drafted at least six Hall of Famers, if you listened to Jon Gruden this weekend.

In the meantime, while players are banned from team facilities in fear of zombie bites and Michael Bay movies, Moch made his first decision. Number 52. While the number has history, it's nothing that Moch can't live up to.

Players like Nate Webster, A.J. Nicholson, Lemar Marshall and Abdul Hodge are just four of 19 players that wore #52 in franchise history.

Dave Rimington, the Bengals starting center from 1983-1987, wore it for two seasons, along with wearing #64 during his rookie season (where he was named to the All-Rookie team) and #50 during his final two seasons with the team; the same number he wore with Nebraska that's since been retired in his honor. His departure from the team was less than noble. During the player's strike of 1987, Rimington was a union representative. However, according to this ABC Sports report, the Bengals failed him on his physical, "as punishment for his role as a union representative during the '87 NFL strike." A fun note: College Football's Rimington trophy that's awarded to the best center in college football is named after the Bengals' Dave Rimington.

Outside linebacker Tom Dinkel wore it for six seasons from 1978-1983. Dinkel might be better known as the husband to Jeni Lee Dinkel, who pled guilty in 2007 for raping a 15-year old boy. Tom Dinkel played 92 games with the Bengals, starting 23.

Of the 19 players to wear #52, 11 wore it for only one season.

If Moch comes out playing like we hope he will, he'll have no problem redefining the number in his name.