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Flashback: Todd McShay On The Bengals After The 2009 NFL Draft

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After the 2009 NFL Draft concluded, ESPN's Todd McShay, who called Rey Maualuga the best selection of the draft, lambasted the Bengals for selecting a player with major character issues. And we mean major character issues, in the rosy shades of Todd McShay.

While the immaturity of OT Andre Smith and past off-the-field incidents for Maualuga can be overlooked, why on earth would Cincinnati draft Scott in the sixth round? He has bounced around to four different colleges and has reportedly been arrested at least five times since high school.

The interesting note two years later is that Andre Smith's immaturity issues would be the prevalent issue with this draft class. Scott? A non-issue in terms of his character. In fact the only problem Bengals fans have with Scott is the lack of touches he's received on offense.

McShay also said Tight End Chase Coffman and center Jonathan Luigs were "great values" who should "become starters in the next few years." Luigs spent one season with the Bengals and is currently out of the NFL while Coffman caught his first regular season pass in the final game of the 2010 season. That was after they drafted Oklahoma Tight End Jermaine Gresham, who set the franchise mark for most receptions (52) by a rookie tight end.