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Cincinnati Bengals Kicker Off to a Good Start

According to the Mothership's Geoff Hobson, in the one day that players were allowed to return to the stadium, Cincinnati Bengals kicker Mike Nugent was not only able to kick the ball, but he made every field goal he attempted. This was just five months after getting reconstructive surgery on his kicking knee.

BEST NON-DRAFT NEWS: The one day Bengals kicker Mike Nugent was able to come into the facility last week, he was able to kick a football and make all of his handful of field-goal tries. And that’s just five months after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his kicking knee.

Nugent is under contract through the 2012 season. In his career, Nugent has made 79 percent of his field goal attempts and all 17 of his extra point attempts. In 2010, he went 15/19 on field goals and was accountable for 62 points before hurting his knee in week 10 against the Indianapolis Colts.

If his Nugent's is truly better, the Bengals may not need to continue searching for kickers.

Clint Stitser is also under contract for the 2011 season.