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Cincinnati Bengals Rookies Andy Dalton and A.J. Green to Participate in Rookie Premier This Weekend

The NFLPA is throwing their annual Rookie Premier this weekend, in which they invited 36 recently-drafted rookies to wear their uniforms for the first time, and make appearances at a school in L.A., attend a "meet and great" at a Best Buy and then hook up with some NFL veterans at the L.A. Medical Center. Then, on Friday night, they'll be playing in a flag football game and on Saturday they'll all get to experience what it's like to walk the red carpet like celebrities. 

According to SB Nation's Joel Thorman, the Cincinnati Bengals' first and second-round picks, wide receiver A.J. Green and quarterback Andy Dalton, have been invited to participate in the event. 

So, if you're a Cincy Jungle reader who happens to live in Los Angeles, you could be the first Bengals fan to watch Dalton throw his first (and hopefully not even close to last) pass to Green.

Here are the other rookies that will be attending the NFLPA Rookie Premier:

Baldwin Jon WR Pittsburgh Chiefs
Brown Vincent WR San Diego State Chargers
Carter Delone RB Syracuse Colts
Cobb Randall WR Kentucky Packers
Dalton Andy QB Texas Christian Bengals
Dareus Marcell DT Alabama Bills
Gabbert Blaine QB Missouri Jaguars
Gates Edmond "Clyde" WR Abilene Christian Dolphins
Green A.J. WR Georgia Bengals
Green Alex RB Hawaii Packers
Hankerson Leonard WR Miami Redskins
Harper Jamie RB Clemson Titans
Hunter Kendall RB Oklahoma State 49ers
Ingram Mark RB Alabama Saints
Jernigan Jerrel WR Troy Giants
Jones Julio WR Alabama Falcons
Jones Taiwan RB Eastern Washington Raiders
Kaepernick Colin QB Nevada 49ers
Leshoure Mikel RB Illinois Lions
Little Greg WR North Carolina Browns
Locker Jake QB Washington Titans
Mallet Ryan QB Arkansas Patriots
Miller Von LB Texas A&M Broncos
Murray DeMarco RB Oklahoma Cowboys
Newton Cam QB Auburn Panthers
Pettis Austin WR Boise State Rams
Ponder Christian QB Florida State Vikings
Powell Bilal RB Louisville Jets
Ridley Stevan RB Louisiana State Patriots
Rudolph Kyle TE Notre Dame Vikings
Smith Torrey WR Maryland Ravens
Thomas Daniel RB Kansas State Dolphins
Todman Jordan RB Connecticut Chargers
Vereen Shane RB California Patriots
Williams Ryan RB Virginia Tech Cardinals
Young Titus WR Boise State Lions