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Ochocinco Gets Graded on Extracurricular Activities

You've gotta be pretty embittered not to laugh a little when a man is gets on top of a 1600 lbs. pissed off bull just to give us 1.5 seconds of entertainment. And how can you not chuckle to yourself when he puts on a sombrero and a poncho as a touchdown celebration? Football is, after all, a game that's meant to be played, and there's nobody in the league that's more playful than Chad Ochocinco.

He puts on sombreros, he does end zone celebrations, he pranks other teams, he changes his last name to his jersey number and he does all of this for the sake of having fun (ok, and maybe a little self-promotion as well). He entertains - maybe even to a fault - and though we all want to scream at him to pay more attention to football and less to the 64 women that he dated (in fairness, if that many women wanted to date me, I'd also have a hard time concentrating), I don't think there are many of us who would begrudge him of all the laughs he's provided us during his tenure in stripes.

Since we're a culture that's obsessed with ranking things - even things that are as trivial as the 'best' Police Academy movie - Adam Rank from decided to ... excuse the pun ... rank Chad Ochocinco's extracurricular activities over the years.

Certainly, some have been better than others. His stint in the reality T.V. world was miserably tedious, but his recent bull riding escapade was, in this man's humble opinion, brilliant.

To find out how Rank graded Ocho's off the field work skip to the jump.

Reporter of the T.Ocho Show: "C+"

Boxing: "Incomplete"

Soccer: "D"

Horse Racing: "B"

Bull Riding: "A for effort."

Playing Football: "Meh" (Yes, I'm equally annoyed that Rank didn't give him an actual grade here).

This of course brings us to the question of the day: What's your favorite Chad antic?