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Peter King: Andrew Whitworth Ranks 68 Among All NFL Players

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While the NFL Network is releasing a top-100 list of active players, voted on by 413 current players, Sports Illustrated's Peter King is taking on the arduous task of releasing his own top-100. So far numbers 100-61 have been released by the players with none being from Cincinnati Bengals. King's recently released list from 70-61, which coincides with ten announced players per week, finally included a Bengals player.

At number 68, Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth made King's top-100.

Whitworth is arguably the team's best offensive player; a winner of the Pro Bowl fan vote at offensive tackle for the 2011 Pro Bowl. According to Pro Football Focus, who grades every player on every play, Whitworth was the top performing offensive tackle -- at left tackle and right tackle -- in the entire NFL. Better than Jake Long, D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Joe Thomas.

However, the biggest reason Whitworth missed the Pro Bowl last season was because the players and coaches overwhelmingly voted Long, Thomas and Ferguson into the NFL all-star game. Let's see if they saturate another vote by not picking the best player at a certain position.

Also of note: Of the offensive tackles that took 25% of a team's snaps during the season, Anthony Collins ranked as the league's 22nd best overall tackle. We're totally just saying.