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Atlanta Falcons Source On Signing Chad Ochocinco: "Ain't Happenin'"

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As if we somehow purposely designated today as future and former Bengals number one wide receivers day, the Sports Xchange's Len Pasquarelli writes that the Atlanta Falcons will not pursue wide receiver Chad Ochocinco if he's released from the team.

"Ain't happenin'," one team source succinctly told The Sports Xchange.

This all started last week when D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote that the Atlanta Falcons "could have the inside track" to land Ochocinco in what Pasquarelli called "a convenient connect-the-dots scenario" to Chad's relationship with quarterbacks coach Bob Bratkowski; Cincinnati's former offensive coordinator.

Surely Falcons fans are pinged with massive feeling of relief, not unlike a powerful storm knocking out your internet, damn near forcing you into a coma because you were offline for more than 15 minutes. Kind of like what happened to me on Monday, just as the Cincinnati Reds were getting a five-knuckle sandwich right on the chin.