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Remember The Bengals Fan That Sold His Fanhood On eBay?

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Remember Brett Kostoff? He's the guy that put his fan allegiance on eBay, hoping for another team, or at least a fan of another team, to purchase his allegiance. A Steelers fan did, paying the person formerly known as a Bengals fan, $510. With that money, the person formerly known as a Bengals fan bought Pittsburgh Steelers gear. ESPN's James Walker gets an update with Kostoff.

I couldn't be happier, honestly. I know that might sound crazy coming from a former Bengals fan, but it's like going from the basement to the penthouse as far as football operations. I never disliked Pittsburgh like the rest of the city of Cincinnati. I always RESPECTED it.


I thought it would take me longer to make the transition than it did, but I actually dislike the Bengals as a whole and it may just be the 20 years of torment as a fan they put me through.

Awesome. The guy that actually dislikes the Bengals, but was a fan anyway because of what they put him through, needed $510 and twenty years to decide that he should cheer for someone else. That's sharp thinking right there. I guess he's right at home in Pittsburgh. And we say that with the utmost jolly laughs with our Steelers fans.