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Bengals WR Ochocinco's Next Stunt: Snake Wrangling

Nope. I'm not joking.

In response to Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown's comments about Ochocinco's extracurricular activities (dancing, reality TV and bull riding), Ochocinco has decided to give playing with snakes a shot.

In case you missed it, here's what Brown said about the Bengals all time leading receiver:

"Next maybe he'll be snake wrangler and we can all watch to see if he gets bit or something," Brown said. "I don't know. He's always up to some stunt. They amuse me in a way and yet they concern me because, let's face it, as we look at it we want a football player. We aren't looking for a bull rider or a dancer, or a soccer player. We want a football player. It's simple. That's where we want the focus. Not on other things."

It's probably hard to go through life when you only hear the first sentence of any paragraph that anybody says about you. While Brown's comment was probably meant to make Chad take a long and hard look in the mirror and decide what is important to him, Chad only heard that he should try playing with snakes next.

No Ochocinco stunt would be complete without the Tweet trail and Chad definitely Tweeted about his new venture:

#OCNN I've partnered with Snake Jungle to go out and become the first black #SnakeWrangler thanks to my owner Mike Brown for the great idealess than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

I don't think Mike Brown meant to give you the idea...

@EvelynLozada yo I'm going to be a #SnakeWrangler,I got the awesome idea from my owner,catching a Black Mamba and a King Cobra #EPICless than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

Again, I don't think he meant for you to actually do this...

#OCNN Does anyone know these snakes I'm gonna catch,Taipan,Blue Krait,Eastern Brown Snake,Rattle Snake and the Death Adder #EPICless than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

Uh... yeah dude, I don't know much about snakes but I know that "Death Adder" sounds really bad...

What happens if i bite him 1st RT @BongoRosso: @ochocinco Yes, one bite from the Taipan and you're dead in less than an hour, enjoy ;)less than a minute ago via RockLive Favorite Retweet Reply

Well, I'm glad you're taking this seriously...

At least Ochocinco is following the rule that you can't move backwards in the thrill-seeking sports. After riding a bull, you can't go back to soccer, you have to step up your game. That being said, I'm assuming that Chad's next adventure will be in the dangerous sports for Crocodile Kissing or Lion Punching.