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Reedy: Deadline For Training Camp At Georgetown Set

As Jason pointed out in a FanPost regarding a tweet from Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, a deal between the owners and players must be completed by July 15 for the Bengals to hold training camp at Georgetown. Last year's training camp in Georgetown began on July 29th and broke on August 14. Without being exact, the dates every season are roughly the same.

That's not to say that the team can't hold Training Camp, but they only have so much time at Georgetown before moving back to Cincinnati.

This year's training camp will be interesting. First of all, what we know most likely won't apply to what actually applies later. As of now, we have three quarterbacks competing for a starting job with 15 career NFL passes between them. We have more fullbacks signed to the roster than actual running backs. Combined, Antwan Odom and Robert Geathers base salary in 2011 is roughly the same of the combined contracts of the entire offensive line. So free agency will obviously redirect what we currently know.

Players will also be returning from injury, like Chris Crocker, Andre Smith and Adam Jones. We have a new quarterback, a new wide receiver, safety, pass rusher and we'll get even more with undrafted free agents.

So while training camp might not happen in Georgetown, it will happen. Whether or not fans will be able to attend, say practices in Cincinnati or even Paul Brown Stadium, who knows. Either way, I'm getting a little anxious for everything to get started now.