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Vic Carucci Would Select Plaxico Burress Over Chad Ochocinco And Terrell Owens

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During a live chat on Friday, NFL Network's Vic Carucci was asked which veteran free agent wide receiver he'd choose among Plaxico Burress, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco. While Tank Johnson called Owens and Chad a distraction without really calling them a distraction, it would be obvious to us that either Owens and Chad should be selected. And in Owens' case, as he showed in 2010, he can still perform at a high level. Carucci says:

“I would go with Burress, provided he is in the right setting,” Carucci wrote. ”And that setting is Philadelphia. He would make a nice red-zone target and be a good complement to their speed receivers. The Eagles’ coaching staff also has demonstrated it knows how to handle a reclamation project (see Vick, Michael). Also, I think Vick can be a positive influence on Burress.”

It should be noted and repeated that Chad is signed with the Cincinnati Bengals through 2011 and it is of our opinion that the chances he stays are just as strong as him leaving. We've often projected that with Chad's spat with Marvin Lewis, and most recently Mike Brown, that there's no way he returns. But this is Mike Brown we're talking about. Nothing should be assumed.