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Jordan Shipley Tied The Knot Last Weekend To Nashville Songwriter Sunny Helms

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Whenever we bring up issues away from the field, there's a slight hesitation, considering the team's history back in 2006 that seems to follow us around like stink on sh... But not everything is trouble. For instance. Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley tied the knot last weekend with Nashville songwriter Sunny Helms. Over 600 attended the wedding between Shipley and Helms, who met when Shipley was in the eighth grade, with Browns quarterback Colt McCoy as one of the groomsman.

The honeymoon was slightly delayed because after the wedding, Shipley flew to California to attend a skills position workout that was organized by Bengals quarterback Jordan Palmer. That kind of thing goes over huge with us wacky and obsessive Bengals fans.

Shipley's 52 receptions in 2010 ranked first in the AFC and second in the NFL among rookie receivers. Tampa Bay's Mike Williams was the only rookie last season to post more yards receiving than Shipley's 600.

From Cincy Jungle, congratulations to Jordan Shipley and Sunny Helms.