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Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden Affected By The NFL Lockout

ESPN NFL Insider John Clayton's latest suggests ten coaches that will be hit hardest by the lockout this offseason. Coaches range from Philadelphia Eagles Juan Castillo moving from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator, coaches heading to the final year under contract or head coaches that are routinely on the hot seat every season.

One coach we suggest adding to Clayton's list is Jay Gruden.

A month after the Cincinnati Bengals hired Gruden as the team's newest offensive coordinator, the NFL owners locked out the players with an expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement. Granted, playbooks were allowed to be distributed and some knowledge was presented to veterans. And during the momentary lift of the lockout during the NFL Draft, the Bengals selected their future starting quarterback Andy Dalton and future number one wide receiver A.J. Green. In Cincinnati during the temporary lift of the lockout, Green was able to pick up a playbook and Dalton has had one from which to look at.

Along with incorporating a new offensive system, Gruden will have two new offensive weapons that have no experience in the NFL, much less being unable to answer questions that veterans and the rookies may have. Whenever the lockout is lifted, Gruden will have to work thrice as hard to get the team's veterans and rookies up to speed, implementing an entirely new offensive philosophy and system.