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The Bengals Should Re-Sign Dhani Jones Just Because He's Awesome

Dhani Jones is a free agent. Even though he has led the Bengals defense in tackles over the last three seasons while playing the middle linebacker position, it's likely that the team will move Rey Maualuga will move to the middle linebacker spot, where he really belongs, in 2011 and let Jones test the free agency waters.

That's a good thing because it means that the Bengals are building for their future and utilizing Maualuga, an extremely gifted and talented linebacker, the way he should be utilized. However, it's bad because Jones is not only a good middle linebacker, with good leadership skills, moving Maualuga to the middle opens a hole at SAM, where he's played the last two seasons.

It's also kind of bad because Jones is just an awesome guy. The Bengals have a young team, both on offense and defense and there aren't many guys in the league that I would rather help younger players aclimate to the NFL than Jones. On top of that, he just seems like an awesome dude to hang out with. He recently went on The Tonight Show with Conan....... Jay Leno to talk about his life.

Even though there isn't really any talk about the Bengals, just watching these videos shows how cool the guy really is.