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In an attempt to not be bored out of our minds during the lockout, we at Cincy Jungle decided to test out our voices and radio faces on a weekly podcast where we will talk about the Bengals. David Wellman, AKA BeerRun, and I planned on making our first run at a show 30 minutes long. In those 30 minutes we planned on discussing the Bengals draft picks, the Carson Palmer situation (because there's really no way of getting around discussing it), the lockout and what the Bengals should do in free agency when the lockout is finally lifted.

By the time we finished talking about the draft, we had been recording for 33 minutes, so the first thing I learned about podcasting is that I can't just talk about the Bengals for 30 minutes.

So, for your listening pleasure, here's our first podcast. We'll be recording these once a week, involving all of the other Cincy Jungle writers and other special guests.