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Bengals Morgan Trent Does Good Work In Mission To Haiti

With the maddening NFL draft updates that were pumped through last month, there were some stories that we ended up not posting or reacting to. It was a matter of time and space and we knew at some point after the draft, things would settle down into a more streamlined routine, save for our Organized Training Activity updates.

One of those stories regarded Joe Reedy's piece on the good work by Bengals cornerback Morgan Trent, who recently "returned from a six-day trip to Haiti where he was part of a church group that conducted youth rallies and visited hospitals, a prison and orphanages."

"You have no idea about the conditions until you see them first-hand. How they are living and continuing to survive are examples of true faith."

Read the rest of Reedy's post on Trent's mission here. We rarely hear and post the good stories by Bengals players, who have worked hard to ditch the negative rap the team earned during the 2006 offseason.